Offshore Seychelles

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New Amendments.

Seychelles became great jurisdiction for your business!


IBC can carry on business in Seychelles

Seychelles Source Income – taxed in Seychelles

Foreign Source Income – not taxed in Seychelles

Key Features of IBC are not changed

IBC can obtain TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number)

Onshore status, no need to move to onshore jurisdiction

Benefits of Seychelles Offshore Company:


Seychelles offshore company pays an annual fee to the state. IBC must keep accounting books and records, but is not obliged to submit them to the register of companies.

Bank account for Seychelles offshore company: Euro Pacific Bank, Belize Bank International, Pacific Private Bank, Atlantic International Bank.

Seychelles offshore company registration in 5 steps:


STEP 1: Place your order 

STEP 2: Pay the fee for Seychelles offshore company formation

STEP 3: Our Project Manager contacts you and requests that you send the necesary documents

STEP 4: You receive foundation documents from us

STEP 5: You are able to start your business

Customer satisfaction rate:


Documents required for Seychelles offshore company formation: certified copy of passport or ID card, proof of address (not older than three months).

International Business Companies in the Seychelles must not do any direct business in the Seychelles and must not own immovable property there. They must not do business in banking, insurance, as a trust company or in any other field which could raise an association with banking or insurance. Seychelles IBCs also must not act as registration agents and they don’t have the right to publicly emit their shares.

Seychelles offshore company:


Legal form


Duration of establishment

2 – 3 days

Register of executives

Not publicly accessible

Register of shareholders

Not publicly accessible

Registered capital

1,000,000 USD

Minimum paid-up capital


Minimum number of shareholders

1/same person

Minimum number of executives

1/same person

Non-residents allowed as executives / legal person

Yes / Yes

Registered agent / seat required

Yes / Yes

Local company secretary required


Local General Assembly required

No (anywhere in the world)

Submission of financial statements

No accounting filing requirements. *

Submission of annual reports


Mandatory audit


Required tax return


Taxation of income


Possibility to use a Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement


Seychelles signed quite a number of  tax treaties with the Far East and African countries which add an excellent instrument available in the jurisdiction  for the tax planning.

About Offshore Seychelles


Seychelles, lying in the Indian Ocean off the east coast of Africa, have been an independent republic since 1976 with the president as the head of state. The Anglo-American law forms the basis of the Seychelles legal system, there are however also significant influences of French continental law and local customs. In 1994 the law on international companies has passed (International Business Companies Act 1994 – amended in 2016), which regulates the establishment, operation, taxation and regulation of international business companies and the country was thus transformed into an international business center.

Privacy is protected in the Seychelles under Art. 20 of the constitution. Data detained by the Seychelles registered agents is not public information.