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IMAGE OFFICE is a multinational company specialising in establishing offshore companies, their administration and the opening of bank accounts.

We guide you through all these processes while you remain at home or in your office. We have over 20 years’ experience in establishing companies abroad and boast a wide range of satisfied customers.

Conducting a business is a viable option for realising your dreams, becoming your own boss and supporting your family. At the same time, it is extremely demanding in terms of the effort and energy required to overcome obstacles.

Different types of businesses are specific and may be linked to various risks.

That is why it is vital to have the right partner by your side, to whom you can turn in any situation.

We are here for you and your business. If you are dreaming about your own business, if you would like to realize your dream, if you don´t want to go anywhere to establishing your business you are on the right place. You can start to do business in this moment! It´s so easy…





In the hands of experts..

We have managed to reduce the bureaucratic burden, which makes the whole process a lot more easier for you and it will also save your time. We will guide you through the process of seting up a company and opening a bank account, both smoothly and successfully.

Our clients are from large law firms, tax advisors and consulting companies to many other entrepreneurs. The major purpose of establishing an offshore company usually is the legal property and privacy protection or tax optimization. This is why credibility and discretion is one of the most important aspects of our work.

We aim to deliver the best business practice standards in a lawful environment, in the client’s best interest, ready to legally create the way to your greater freedom!

Save your time and take advantage of having an offshore company, SET UP HERE!

About Us

Mrs. Alexandra John, MBA - Chief Executive Officer

Alexandra started by founding an online business, moved on to various senior roles in marketing and sales and then, co-founded Meriglobe Capital House – an international advisory company.

At the moment Alexandra is CEO of the company IMAGE OFFICE, a multinational company specialising in establishing offshore companies, their administration and the opening of bank accounts.

She is responsible for strategy and business development.

Mrs. Bc. Martina Page - Chief Operations Officer

Martina worked for 8 years as an Senior Manager in international consultancy company focussing on the provision of the service primarily in the following areas: establishment of companies, sale of shelf companies, nominee service, accounting services, opening the bank accounts.

Her team is responsible for setting up an offshore and onshore companies for the clients. She is dealing with other agents all over the world and cooperating with them.

Martina´s skills: ability to work under stress, ability to travel frequently, ability to plan and organize, ability to handle precise work, ability to work on long-term projects, ability to learn quickly, ability to recognize and solve problems, ability to work with a team or independently.

Mr. Paul Jones – Director of Accounting

Paul worked for more than 15 years in the company focussing on tax planning and accounting. In Image Office he is leading a team of the accountants. His team is responsible for accounting service for the clients.

Paul has excellent communication skills both verbally and in writing. He has strong leadership skills and an analytical mind. He is reliable and highly organized.

Mrs. Helene Smith – Bank Account Manager

Before Helena started to cooperate with Image Office she worked for five years in the banking industry.

Now she deals with everything related to the bank accounts. Her team is responsible for answering questions about various banks and trying to find the solution for the clients.

Helena has good communication and customer service skills. She has good knowledge of banking products and investments. She is representative, kind and approachable.

Together with a team of lawyers, tax consultants, accountants and other experienced specialists, we take care of your business.

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