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IMAGE OFFICE is a multinational company specialising in establishing offshore companies, their administration and the opening of bank accounts.

We guide you through all these processes while you remain at home or in your office. We have over 20 years’ experience in establishing companies abroad and boast a wide range of satisfied customers.

Conducting a business is a viable option for realising your dreams, becoming your own boss and supporting your family. At the same time, it is extremely demanding in terms of the effort and energy required to overcome obstacles.

Different types of businesses are specific and may be linked to various risks.

That is why it is vital to have the right partner by your side, to whom you can turn in any situation.

We are here for you and your business. If you are dreaming about your own business, if you would like to realize your dream, if you don´t want to go anywhere to establishing your business you are on the right place. You can start to do business in this moment! It´s so easy…





- Warren, Australia

True professionals. They explained everything to me in the greatest detail. I can just recommend this way to establish a company online.

- Phil, US

I could set up a company from home, I didn’t need to go anywhere. I received the Foundation Charter the next day by email. Great service.

- Mike, UK

Great service at a fair price.

- Jonathan, UK

Great and fast service. Thank you.

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