Offshore BVI

Benefits of BVI Offshore Company:


International Business Company (IBC) is the most commonly used type of company. These companies are exempt from tax on income from activities outside the islands, interest, rents, royalties and capital gains on securities. They do not qualify for any local tax liability, including inheritance tax, gift tax, estate tax, stamp duties, customs, etc. IBCs pay only the annual fee. The authorities do not require any statements or tax returns. Shareholders and executives may meet in any country or be represented by an agent.

Bank account for BVI offshore company: Euro Pacific Bank, Belize Bank International, Pacific Private Bank, Atlantic International Bank.

BVI offshore company registration in 5 steps:


STEP 1: Place your order 

STEP 2: Pay the fee for BVI offshore company formation

STEP 3: Our Project Manager contacts you and requests that you send the necesary documents

STEP 4: You receive foundation documents from us

STEP 5: You are able to start your business

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Documents required for BVI offshore company formation: certified copy of passport or ID card, proof of address (not older than three months).

On the other hand, a British Virgin Islands offshore company may not own shares in real estate, except for rental of premises through which it communicates with its members or keeps records of the company. It must not act as a bank, insurance company or trust if it does not have an appropriate license. It must not provide paid incorporation services without a license or provide registered offices or registered agent services for companies incorporated in the British Virgin Islands.

BVI Offshore Company:

Legal form


Duration of establishment

4 – 5 days

Register of executives

Not publicly accessible

Register of shareholders

Not publicly accessible

Registered capital

50,000 USD

Minimum paid-up capital


Minimum number of shareholders


Minimum number of executives


Non-residents allowed as executives / legal person

Yes / Yes

Registered agent / seat required

Yes / Yes

Local company secretary required

No (anywhere in the world)

Local General Assembly required


Submission of financial statements


Submission of annual reports


Mandatory audit


Required tax return


Taxation of income


Possibility to use a Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement


About Offshore BVI


The British Virgin Islands are located in the Caribbean Sea and are a dependent territory of Great Britain, thus the legal system is based on English law. Thanks to the flexible legislation that allows companies to also register trusts, banks, insurance companies and funds, British Virgin Islands are among the most popular tax havens and tax planning destination.