Offshore Marshall Islands

Benefits of Marshall Islands Offshore Company:


The jurisdiction has a modernized corporate law that combines elements from both the US and the UK, making it a first class offshore financial centre.

Bank account for Marshall Islands offshore company: Euro Pacific Bank, Belize Bank International, Pacific Private Bank, Atlantic International Bank.

Marshall Islands offshore company registration in 5 steps:


STEP 1: Place your order 

STEP 2: Pay the fee for Marshall Islands offshore company formation

STEP 3: Our Project Manager contacts you and requests that you send the necesary documents

STEP 4: You receive foundation documents from us

STEP 5: You are able to start your business

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Documents required for Marshall Islands company formation: certified copy of passport or ID card, proof of address (not older than three months).

Marshall Islands Offshore Company:

Legal form


Duration of establishment

6 – 10 days

Register of executives

Not publicly accessible

Register of shareholders

Not publicly accessible

Registered capital

50,000 USD

Minimum number of shareholders


Minimum number of executives


Non-residents allowed as executives / legal person

Yes / Yes

Registered agent / seat required

Yes / Yes

Local company secretary required


Local General Assembly required

No (anywhere in the world)

Submission of financial statements

No accounting/reporting requirements. *

Submission of annual reports


Mandatory audit


Required tax return


Taxation of income


Possibility to use a Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement


* N.B. As per section 10 of the Financial laws miscellaneous amendments Act 2014 requires the company to keep such documents (receipts, invoices etc.) as to enable it for accounts to be prepared.

About Offshore Marshall Islands


Marshall Islands, officially Republic of the Marshall Islands, Marshallese Majōl, country in the central Pacific Ocean. It consists of some of the easternmost islands of Micronesia. The Marshalls are composed of more than 1,200 islands and islets in two parallel chains of coral atolls.

A Non-Resident Domestic Company is governed by the Business Corporations Act, which is under the Marshall Islands Associations Law of 1990, exempting all non-resident companies from having to pay any type of local taxes.