Offshore Panama

Benefits of Panama Offshore Company:


Panama is a very well established jurisdiction, which has built a good reputation over the years of its existence. Companies registered in Panama pay tax only on income from Panamanian sources. Panama offshore company operating abroad need not pay any direct or indirect taxes. Instead, they pay a modest fee to the Panamanian government. In case of companies not conducting business in the territory of Panama, is not necessary to submit any statements to the authorities.

Bank account for Panama offshore company: Euro Pacific Bank, Belize Bank International, Pacific Private Bank, Atlantic International Bank.

Panama offshore company registration in 5 steps:


STEP 1: Place your order 

STEP 2: Pay the fee for Panama offshore company formation

STEP 3: Our Project Manager contacts you and requests that you send the necesary documents

STEP 4: You receive foundation documents from us

STEP 5: You are able to start your business

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Documents required for Panama offshore company formation: certified copy of passport or ID card, proof of address (not older than three months).

Colone is the second largest duty-free area in the world after Hong Kong and taking advantage of it is an attractive option. All transactions in goods, including raw materials and semi-finished products are subject to special tax treatment – export to third world countries is completely exempt from Panamanian duties and taxes and revenue from these transactions are subject to taxes with an extremely low rate.

Panama Offshore Company:

Legal form

Non-resident companies

Duration of establishment

5 – 7 days

Register of executives

Publicly accessible

Register of shareholders

Voluntarily accessible

Registered capital

10,000 USD

Minimum paid-up capital


Minimum number of shareholders


Minimum number of executives


Non-residents allowed as executives / legal person

Yes / Yes

Registered agent / seat required

Yes / Yes

Local company secretary required


Local General Assembly required

No (anywhere in the world)

Submission of financial statements


Submission of annual reports


Mandatory audit


Required tax return


Taxation of income


Possibility to use a Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement


About Offshore Panama


Panama is a coastal country located in the southern part of Central America, between Costa Rica and Colombia. It is particularly known due to the strategically important Panama Canal linking the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic ocean. The Panama territory was colonized as early as in 1508 by the Spaniards.

After its declaration of independence in 1821, Panama joined the United Federation of Colombia, from which it gained independence in 1903. In the same year it signed a contract with USA, which allowed the construction of the canal in Panama, while guaranteeing its administration to USA. In 1999, the canal came under the administration of Panama. Its economic dependence on the

United States is understandable due to historical reasons. It is reflected not only in the monetary area (free circulation of USD in Panama), but also in the influence of Anglo-American law. Panama is a country with a continental legal system, based on the Spanish one.