Seychelles – IBC

Set up the company in Seychelles

Please look at this text where you can see what everything includes the incorporation fee and annual maintenance fee.
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • M&A, Appointment of 1st Director
  • Minutes of first meetings
  • Register of directors and Shareholders
  • Share certificates (2)
  • First year RO/RA, Maintenance of registers
  • Initial Filling of register of director with registry *
  • RO/RA fees
  • Government fees
  • Maintenance of Registers
* Please note that all IBC’s are required within 30days from incorporation file with the registrar its ROD, NWMS is offering this service free of charge and inclusive within its incorporation fee however clients have to ensure that the signed activation documents and minutes are sent back in scan before the deadline in order to proceed with filling. Note that NWMS will note be liable for penalties due to late filling of ROD.